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SO-Framework is a beginner-friendly javascript framework that enables users to convert static HTML components built with no-code tools like Webflow into reactive components without importing or exporting HTML.


Our mission is simple; we want to lower the barrier to entry for citizen developers looking to step out of no-code and into low-code development.

You can support Shiny Object Labs by joining our community.


SO-Framework is a new JavaScript framework (launched in 2023). The beta release is stable but may contain bugs, so use it at your own risk. If you want premium support, please purchase an Alphi (Startup or Business) subscription.

Special Thanks

  • Evan You - We are huge fans of Evans's work developing Vue, Petite-Vue and Vite. Whilst SO-Framework is a different approach specifically tailored to Webflow; it was only possible with Evan's eval method. 🙌

  • Alex Iglesias Piñol - Alex is the CTO at Finsweet and the developer behind ts-utils "Typescript utils for custom Webflow projects." 💪

SO-Framework is not associated with the individuals mentioned above.



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